Learn Cybersecurity Skills

You will learn all the knowledge you need as a professional

Become Cyberseurity Certified

You will pass your certification exams to become a certified professionals

Acquire Cybersecurity Experience

You will get the experience need to become an experienced certified professional

Who Should Enroll in CCPP

  • Anyone that wants to start a new career in cybersecurity.
  • Any Career professional that wants to switch career to cybersecurity.
  • Any IT professional that wants to advance to cybersecurity.
  • Any Cybersecurity professional that wants to learn or switch specialization.
Career Program

About Cybersecurity Career Pathway Program

HICS Cybersecurity Career Pathway Program (CCPP) is a one-year study and experience program that enables participants to become highly trained, certified, and experienced cyber security professionals in their specialization of interest.

Learners in this program receive cybersecurity training towards acquiring skills, passing certification exams, and then they can proceed to acquire internship experience in their preferred specialization. This program is designed for anyone in any field interested in switching careers in cybersecurity, an IT Professional who wants to advance into cybersecurity or a cyber security professional who wants to switch specialization.

The goal of the program is to see that our students are employable and ready to take up any job opportunities related to their specialization upon graduation

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Admission for 2023

Admission for the 2023 Session of the Cybersecurity Career Pathway Progra opens from November 1, 2022.