Specialization Details

Translation of crime from the physical form of crime to digital crime requires a new form of evidence identification and extraction acceptable in the court of law.

Digital forensic experts are saddled with the responsibility of analyzing and investigating a computer or an electronic device used for digital crimes or cyber-attacks. They ensure that evidence is collected, preserved, analyzed, and upheld during the investigation of digital infrastructure.

What you’ll learn?

  • Learn techniques to carryout Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering
  • Learn techniques used to investigate and analyze computer infrastructures such as computer networks, operating systems, & mobile devices during cybercrime investigation.
  • Understand the concept of digital policing and its role in the security of citizens in cyberspace.
  • Learn how to apply forensics techniques during cyber-related crime intelligence.

Why pursue a career as Digital Forensics Analyst

Let’s look at the reasons why pursue a Digital Forensics Analyst Career:

  • Increase Demand: 17% growth prediction between 2016-2026 by US Bureau of Labor Statistics for Digital Forensics Expert
  • High Connectivity: Exponential growth in Internet-Connected devices due to the internet of things technology..
  • High Crime Rate: Increased crime rate in cyberspace by cybercriminals will require professional digital investigators.

Technical Requirement

  • Student's must have a computer system with high internet connectivity
  • Computer system hardware requirement include at least 8GB Ram, and Virtualization Technology (VT)
  • Computer System Operating System can be Windows 7 & above, Mac OS, SAN-SIFT


The duration for this specialization is 12months. It comprises about 6-8 months of skilled learning period, 4-6 months of certification training & exams period.

Job Opportunities and Career Prospect

Upon graduation from this Cybersecurity Career Pathway Program, graduates will receive a badge as HICS Professional Cybersecurity Specialist and should be able to fill the following position effectively.
  • - Cyber Crime Investigation Officer
  • - Computer Forensics Investigator
  • - Forensic Computer Analyst
  • - OSINT Specialist
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