Specialization Details

This is the entry-level specialization for Cybersecurity. It is also the foundational skill any cybersecurity professional must possess. As the first line of defense, the cybersecurity specialist will learn how to defend computer systems, networks, operations by building in the required security measure and protective mechanisms that will make it difficult for an attacker to exploit the system.

This cybersecurity specialization will be trained on the best approach to system and OS hardening, application security, network security, cloud security, information security, operational security, end-user awareness, and disaster recovery & business continuity.

What you’ll learn?

  • Understand the concept of cybersecurity and its domain.
  • Understand how to enforce security standards using international best practices.
  • Understand some security technologies that aid in systems & network defense.
  • Learn how to secure the computer system in a network environment and defend them from malicious actors.
  • Carryout cybersecurity awareness training

Why pursue a career in Cybersecurity specialist

Let’s look at the reasons why pursue a Cybersecurity Specialist Career:

  • High Growth Rate: US Bureau of Statistics estimate that there will be a 28% job growth rate in information security.
  • Multi-Industry demand: The demand for this cybersecurity role cut across all industries from health to education, financials, manufacturing, transport, etc.
  • Growth Possibilities: The specialist field is an entry-level position and anyone can grow to an intermediary level such as penetration tester, or cybersecurity analyst, before advancing to become a cybersecurity consultant.

Technical Requirement

  • Student's must have a computer system with high internet connectivity
  • Computer system hardware requirement include at least 8GB Ram, and Virtualization Technology (VT)
  • Computer System Operating System can be Windows 7 & above, Mac OS, Kali-Linux OS


The duration of this specialization is 12months. It comprises of 3months of the skilled learning period, 3months of certification training & exams period, and 6months of the Specialization Experience Program (SEP).

Job Opportunities and Career Prospect

Upon graduation from this Cybersecurity Career Pathway Program, graduates will receive a badge as HICS Professional Cybersecurity Specialist and should be able to fill the following position effectively.
  • - Cybersecurity Specialist
  • - IT Security Officer
  • - Junior Cybersecurity Analyst
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