Specialization Details

This is an intermediate-level specialization that focuses on identifying, detecting, analyzing, and defending systems from possible attacks. Daily new threats, attack methodologies, and techniques are introduced into the cyber domain, it is the responsibility of cyber defenders to analyze and properly understand these threats, methodologies, and techniques in order to design preventive and detective techniques against them. They leverage their analytical skill to know what happens behind the face of an attack using their intelligence and threat detecting techniques.

This cybersecurity specialization will develop all necessary analytical skills that students will need to be able to monitor systems, detect possible breaches, and effectively respond to an attack. They review necessary logs to identify any indication of compromise using their threat intelligence skills.

What you’ll learn?

  • Monitor information systems infrastructure to identify anomalies.
  • Identify different computer systems and network vulnerabilities.
  • Effective carry out Incident response and recovery to a possible attack.
  • Analyze different security and system logs to identify indications of compromise.
  • Understand attacker techniques and design preventive measures.

Why pursue a career as Cybersecurity Analyst

Let’s look at the reasons why you should pursue a Cybersecurity Analyst Career:

  • High Earning: According to PayScale the average salary of a Cybersecurity Defender is $72,509. This specialization has a very high take-home for professionals.
  • High Demands: Because the rate of cyber-attack is on the increase, corporate organizations are demanding cyber defenders-related specialization to help identify and respond to attacks.
  • Relevance: This specialization would make you always be relevant in any organization because of the increased cyberattack methodologies.

Technical Requirement

  • Student's must have a computer system with high internet connectivity
  • Computer system hardware requirement include at least 8GB Ram, and Virtualization Technology (VT)
  • Computer System Operating System can be Windows 7 & above, Mac OS, Kali-Linux OS


The duration of this specialization is 12months. It comprises of 5months skilled learning period, 5months of certification training & exams period, and 2months of Specialization Experience Program (SEP)

Job Opportunities and Career Prospect

Upon graduation from this Cybersecurity Career Pathway Program, graduates will receive a badge as HICS Professional Cybersecurity Defender and should be able to fill the following position effectively.
  • - Blue Team Specialist
  • - Cybersecurity Analyst
  • - Incident Response Manager
  • - SOC Manager
  • - IAM Specialist
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